Social Detox

Monitor your online time,

and get social detox!

Take a moment and ask yourself: when was the last
time you went a full day, from wake to sleep, without
checking social media?

If sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit
disappeared tomorrow, would you feel empty and

Has social media become an addiction for you?

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How to install SocialDetox?

Click on the
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instalation process

Click on the
Add to Chrome

On the Chrome Web Store, click on 
the button on upper right corner.

Confirm extension
install on CWS

When asked, click on the Add 
Extension button to confirm installation.

Congrats! How you can
use our extension

Once install is competed, we will
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What you'll get?

Installation of our tool is super-simple: click on the button below,
go to the Chrome Web Store and click on the Add Extension.

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Simple and Engaging

user experience

Visually appealing interface to excite you to look at and use.

Don’t spend too much time

uselessly while surfing online!

An friendly reminder will inform you once you spend your planned time.

Compare your surfing trends

with other users

We are doing useful analytics without shareing your personal data

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